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issue 2 of Kamihikouki Magazine | released: November 2014


We find “Hysteria” difficult to articulate, but it has a fraught past. Defined today as unmanageable emotional excess, the word has its roots in the ancient Greek hystera, "womb", and was initially thought to be a condition caused by the uterus literally wandering throughout the body.

Bound with concepts of female sexuality and motherhood, for centuries Hysteria was a very common "diagnosis" for women in the Western world.

A new understanding of Hysteria developed in the late 1800’s when a neurologist used hypnosis as treatment, connecting the "disease’s" origins to the brain. Now, specific psychiatric terms are coined and used in lieu of “Hysteria”, but evolved forms of Hysteria that we can all recognize are at once a collective and individual experience.

Hysterically yours.





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I, Philip Kain Cerda

Jerry Gordon

The release party for issue 2, HYSTERIA, was held in Sakai City, Osaka in November 2014 at Route 26 with Viva la Mort. It included performances by HOKUS P, Zujaka, The Bureau, and Shinya Sugimoto, readings by some of the contributors, and a movie screening of KKBB Collective's "Yurei." Check out the video to see how the party went down!