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issue 3 of Kamihikouki Magazine | released: April 12, 2015


HAIR is an everyday part of our lives, so themeing a whole issue on the topic might seem like a mundane choice. But it isn't. Hair and style are completely linked; you can't have one without the other. Even the absence of hair is art. In these pages you'll find Hair expressed in the multitude of ways we express ourselves: from the hilarious to the frightening, from the playful to the critcal. 


SinceHAIRly yours. 






To buy a copy of HAIR please join us at one of our events or email us at kamihikouki.mag@gmail.com







We put together a video with messages from HAIR's contributors, a NEW feature for this issue. Take a look, get to know them, and see what they have to say about hair!




Trimmed, rinsed, and curled - a peek back at the HAIR Launch Party!



The launch party for issue 3 was held at PINE BROOKLYN in Fukushima, Osaka. It featured local improv comedy troupe Pirates of the Dotombori, Aloha Familia, IMO, hoola hooper Kaitlyn Possion, Belgium Solanas of KKBB Collective, readings by Brooke Larsen and Margo Mongoose, and accessories on sale from Viva la Mort