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issue 4 of Kamihikouki Magazine | released: Aug 23, 2015


Yorimichi is an idea that can't be translated directly from Japanese into English - what's more, everyone experiences yorimichi in a different way:


...children stopping to play at a local park together instead of going straight home from school...


...some college students taking an unplanned coffee break at a new cafe before resuming study...


... a salaryman grabbing a beer and yakitori at an izakaya after a long day...


A yorimichi can't be planned, but it can be a philosphy by which one chooses to move through the world. In this issue of Kamihikouki, contributors have added their interpretation of yorimichi to the conversation. And though we haven’t been able to pin down a single English term, we hope the idea of taking a detour, choosing the scenic route, or breaking your journey helps you find a little more art in the day to day.


Happy wanderings~ 


To buy a copy of Yorimichi please join us at one of our events or email us at kamihikouki.mag@gmail.com





The Yorimichi launch was held on a cool summer evening in 2015 at Salt Valley in Ashiharabashi. The event featured performances by Ndenua, Jerk Off Sun, Metororo, a poetry reading by contributor Victoria Garafola, food, drink and craft vendors, an arts and crafts table, and video and art installations.