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Constellation // 星座

issue 5 of Kamihikouki Magazine | released: Dec 06, 2015


“Ideas are to objects what constellations are to stars” -- Walter Benjamin


Every piece in this magazine stands alone, but at the same time they are connected. The theme Constellation speaks to one of our fundamental desires: to connect artists from Japan and abroad and together create a new and mutual experience.


We owe thanks to many people for making this possible.


First, to our contributors.

To our hosts, Katsu with Route 26 and Erik with Viva La Mort.

To our printer, Printnet.

And to you, our readers.



Kami Team


To buy a copy of Constellation please join us at one of our events or email us at kamihikouki.mag@gmail.com





She and her sister counted

The freckles and moles on her body

When they were younger

Between repeat viewings of Disney tapes

That were eventually eaten by the VCR.

They were never able to count every single one

For our 'zine's fifth launch party we returned to Route 26 and Viva la Mort in Sakai. The stellar line up featured performances by Andy Couzens & Shinya Sugimoto, Warakudow, and KKBB Collective, readings from Austin Godfrey and Polly Barton, and DJs Waxman, Rasty, Issei, and Deano. Also, a photobooth, arts and crafts, and a lot of dancing. 

"Your brain starts to fill in the grid as you walk further into the space..."