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TEA // お茶

issue 7 of Kamihikouki Magazine | released: Nov 06, 2016


​We aim to bridge the gap between cultures; to bring us all together in one place regardless of where we've come from or where we're going. 

The most simple, elegant symbol of this is Tea. Some form of it is enjoyed by almost every culture on Earth, in a variety of ways as unique and distinct as the cultures themselves. 

We are free to adhere to traditions or be experimental, to taste other cultures while simultaneously being loyal to our own. We all have our own individual styles, but whether we prefer hot or cold, canned, bottled, or fresh-brewed, with or without milk or sugar, green, black, white, herbal, oolong, or anything else, we can all appreciate, share, and create together. 


To buy a copy of TEA please join us at one of our events or email us at kamihikouki.mag@gmail.com