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UNREST // 不安

issue 8 of Kamihikouki Magazine | released: Apr 02, 2017


The subject of Unrest has felt unnervingly appropriate to us at Kamihikouki Magazine these past few months. It's hard for us not to think as though our eighth issue is coming out at the perfect - or, perhaps we should say the worst - period in recent memory. Worldwide, the current state of affairs is widely viewed as somewhere between precarious and disastrous, and people are on edge. It doesn’t help that at this time of year many feel restless enough already; having snuggled beneath warm blankets and blasting heaters all winter long, we long to venture outside, but the lingering chill prevents us from losing layers and letting loose. As the agitation accumulates, we may feel at a loss on how to combat this state of unease. Though it may be difficult to talk about, we believe that the most important thing to do during troubled times is to forgo silence and share one’s concerns and opinions. When words aren’t enough, art allows us to express our feelings and carries us through tough times. So, though we’re encouraging the discussion of disorder and dissatisfaction, we’re doing so together, supporting one another and encouraging positive change along the way. In this endeavor, we will never rest.



All the best in these times of Unrest,

The Kami Team


Kamihikouki Magazine Issue 8: UNREST was produced in Osaka, Japan and Vancouver, Canada in March 2017.

All work presented in Kamihikouki Magazine is property of the artist.


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Inspired by a submission from one of our contributors, we decided to do some research on and interview people about Japan's strange relationship with tattoos. To read about this subject of much unrest, click on the image above.

EmptyReylia Slaby

The Gift of Autonomy

As a woman
My body
Has never
Been mine

I have both
Loved & loathed
Those who held it

Him more than any
I have loved
For the simple gift
Of my autonomy