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issue 9 of Kamihikouki Magazine | released: Dec 10, 2017


 Dreams may seem a magical or mysterious subject, yet few things rival them when it comes to shared human experience. We all have them, after all - whether they come to us by day as a mere fantasy or a lofty goal to strive for, or by night as unbidden and surreal visions that we try upon waking to explain, but never can. 

  Both kinds are easy to forget. Perhaps you once dreamed of becoming an astronaut or a superhero, but now you’re satisfied if you can simply get out of bed. Meanwhile, the vivid visions that visit us in our sleep slip away moments after we awake.

  Yet, dreams are far too important to ever fully let go of. The waking dreams we have for the future are what give us the drive and meaning to get out of bed every morning, while the images we see when we sleep can provide a much needed escape, or may even help us understand what is truly on our minds. 

  Waking life itself is like a dream - it can be good or bad, epic or mundane, is often extremely confusing, and we rarely control what happens. However, it is also up to us how we interpret it. So, hold on to your dreams and choose the path that works for you. Take comfort in the fact there is no right or wrong way since it’s all a magical mystery anyway.






Sweet dreams,

The Kami Team



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Brendan Howells

On the night of the DREAMS release party, we planned to show a preview of CRISPY KISS, a new film by Michael Judd of KKBB Collective and Polly Barton, but due to technical difficulties we were regrettably unable to do so. We hope you will take some time to watch this hilariously quirky and delightful excerpt, "THE NEVERWAS". We promise you it's worth it.