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Representing Kansai, Japan : 大阪 Osaka, 京都 Kyoto, 神戸 Kobe

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We are no longer accepting submissions for issue 11, MYSTERy.

Take RuPaul, craft beers, Chef Ramsay and traveling, and you’ve basically summed up the things Dawn is all about. Oh, and graphic design, too. Actually, design is the main thing. Illustration, too. When she’s not sitting at her machine carving out vector graphics or messing with a new way of editing images, she’s usually filling up her notebook with sketches that most likely won’t see the light of day, but might generate ideas for future projects. That, or she’s at the bar. Whichever.

Emma Walter ワルターエマ

Visual Grease Monkey and Monkey Business


Jennifer Gemmell  ゲメルジェニファー

Eagle Eye

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Elle relocated to Japan in 2016 and joined Kamihikouki in May the same year. The Kyoto-based writer is in awe of Japanese heritage craftsmanship and the way in which it flows into myriad aspects of the society. She’s hoping her time immersed in the rich and varied culture of Kansai will leave her as precise at crafting prose as the Teishu are at folding fukusa or the Dotonbori cooks are at turning takoyaki.

Emma makes ceramic objects, strives for good design, devours fiction, tries often to question, and can speak Japanese, though not quite enough.
Emma believes that art can come from anyone, anywhere. As an editor, her favourite moment is when a conversation or new story is created when individual pieces are put together.




Blossoming with bouncy blonde curls, Jennifer likes to jump around, hike, take photographs, and talk all things Anthropology. You can usually find her outfitted with her camera enthusiastically taking photos and event videos, while helping out with the background logistics as well.



Duncan Hardock ハードック・ダンカン

Prosy Pony

Duncan started writing because a childhood of coddles and encouragement led him to think “Man, I could write this shit,” but actually it turns out writing stories is really hard. As the resident poetry and prose editor, Duncan is in charge of complaining about dropped commas and getting overexcited whenever anyone mentions zeugma, which is actually not that often, come to think of it.

Dawn Charbonneau


Design Dingo

Elle Murell 


Inquisitive Aye-aye