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The HAIR launch party was a success!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

To our thoughtful contributors, our stunning performers, and, of course, our awesome readers, a million thanks from the Kami Team for coming out to PINE BROOKLYN last weekend and letting your HAIR down! We couldn't and wouldn't have done it without you all. Can't wait to see you this summer for issue 4, Yorimichi!


「紙ひこうきマガジン」第3号「髪」の参加アーティストのみなさん、素晴らしいパフォーマンスをしてくれたみなさん、そしてなにより、読者のみなさんへ、紙ひこうき編集部より御礼申し上げます!今週末のPINE BROOKLYNでのローンチパーティーは大成功に終わりました☆みなさんのおかげです。この夏、第4号「よりみち」のローンチでまたお会いしましょう!

 The event opened with a video featuring messages from our contributors. 

 The Pirates of the Dotonbori, a bilingual improv troupe, perfoming hilarious skits based on the theme "HAIR" at the launch. 

 Margo Mongoose reading her poem "Kaminoke" while charming and inspiring everyone in the room. 

 Kaitlyn Poisson showing off her incredible hooping skills. 

 Brooke Larsen reading an excerpt from her short story, 「独り言

 Aloha Familia bringing tropical vibes to the stage.

 An education about HAIR courtesy of Belgium Solanas. 




 Our last act of the night, Sakai-based IMO, rocking the house. 

 A print of the cover of issue 3, HAIR, by Erik Sakuragi on display in our gallery.

 Videographer and co-editor Jennifer capturing the magic.

 Kami Team members Brooke and Emma holding one of the evening's many raffles. 

 Emma posing with adorable Aloha Familia. 

 One last photo opportunity of the night.


All photos by 横井 隆宏 Takahiro Yoyoki. 


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